A miracle food that gives power to anyone who digests it


There are several kinds of Ambrosia with differences ranging from refinement to color. This sweet tasting food is packed full of nutrients that can boost your body and/or mind simply by ingesting the substance.
The Formians crafted Ambrosia to improve their biological system without side effects, but for everyone else, its power quickly becomes toxic.
It’s shown as looking like a more solid state of honey in a catacomb shape about the size of a personal pie.

Gives a +2 to all scores for a few rounds, but unless more is taken it soon wears off and decreases all scores to their original scores -1.
Different Ambrosias

  • Red: increases physical stats (Str, Dex, Con), crash only happens to enhanced stats
  • Blue: increases mental stats (Wis, Int, Cha), crash only happens to enhanced stats
  • Raw: increases all stats but only lasts a few rounds
  • Purified: increases all stats without stat crash, but bonuses are decreased
  • Coarse: Increases all stats for one day, stat crash the next day
  • Refined: increases all stats without stat crash for one day
  • <stat> ration: increases single stat for a few rounds, crash only happens to enhanced stat


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